HUNGER | A Zombie Cookbook


Just because you’re undead doesn’t mean you can’t eat like a king.

HUNGER is a beautifully designed 40-page, full color, glossy, hardcover cookbook suitable for leaving out on a Noguchi Coffee Table or for–yes–using to cook. And that’s really the whole point. It’ll be fantastic to peruse, fantastic to talk about, and fantastic to use.

All the recipes call for human flesh, but the cadaverous ingredient can be substituted for actual, non-cannibalistic ingredients–and we suggest the perfect protein for each recipe. So, feel free to enjoy the morbidity without the guilt with recipes like: Thigh Lettuce Wrap, Scotch Eyeball, Kimchi Brain Ramen or Californian Surfer Skin Rolls for dinner, Lady Fingers Tiramisu and Savory Bourbon Apple Tarts for dessert, and even cocktails like Bloody Marys and Barbacoas… and many, many more to come. It’s almost like a relentless wave of undead, but you know, with recipesrather than zombies.

This is the brainchild of deep thought surrounding the negative impact zombification might have on society, the family unit, social circles, and most importantly: on restaurants, bars, and nightclubs.

Zombies are universally shunned and relegated to having to scavenge for food constantly–and that really wreaks havoc on one’s social life. The truth is, it’s extraordinarily difficult to maintain motor functions and a central nervous system when your organs aren’t working and you’re always running on empty. Imagine trying to utilize higher-thinking to entertain a conversation about healthcare or finance reform–IMPOSSIBLE.

Alternatively, with the right nutrition, perhaps any zombie can be much more civilized. As a matter of speculation, zombies could become productive members of society again–perhaps even more productive than they once were in their per-zombified state of existence after developing what can only be assumed to be a profound sense of humility. Post-zombie humanitarians? Mayhaps.